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Online Event: Exploring the Final Frontier: Space Industry in Saudi Arabia

On November 9, 2023, a groundbreaking webinar, titled “Exploring the Final Frontier: Space Industry in Saudi Arabia,” brought together a constellation of luminaries within the global space exploration arena. The event showcased the burgeoning advancements and ambitious endeavors driving the evolution of the space industry in Saudi Arabia, offering a compelling insight into the nation’s aspirations and its pivotal role in shaping the future of space exploration.

The webinar provided a platform for a diverse array of thought leaders and pioneers in the space industry to share their insights and contributions. Among the esteemed speakers were:

Ahmed Alzubairi, Co-founder of SARsatX, a GCC and Arabia-based space startup specializing in the design and development of small satellites for Earth Observation using Synthetic Aperture Radar technology.

Jakub Lajmon, CEO of Groundcom, specializing in building and operating networks of ground stations for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

Mrwan Mohey, Co-founder and COO of Advanced Rocket Technologies, the pioneering startup in Africa and the Middle East, offering affordable rocket launches for scientific communities and educational purposes.

Peter from Needronix, renowned for their groundbreaking space technology research and development, notably contributing to Slovakia’s first satellite, “skCUBE.”

Ondrej Farkas, the Branch Manager at Spacemanic, dedicated to providing cost-efficient satellite-as-a-service solutions, hailing from Slovakia.

Grigorii Trubkin, Managing Partner at Mindrock Capital, a U.S.-based firm specializing in investing in high-tech startups at various developmental stages.

Alex Cresniov, the Chief Business Development Officer of Space Age, a Saudi Arabian technology company specializing in cutting-edge solutions encompassing drones, satellites, and advanced air mobility.

The speakers shed light on the multifaceted landscape of space technology, sharing their insights and expertise in various domains, from satellite services to cutting-edge research and development.

As the webinar concluded, the organizers hinted at an upcoming event in December, promising further explorations and insights into the ever-evolving landscape of space technology and exploration. Stay tuned for more revelations and advancements in the exciting field of space exploration.


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