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Emerging Trends in Satellite Technology: A GCC Perspective

On December 14, 2023, the “Emerging Trends in Satellite Technology: A GCC Perspective” webinar illuminated the advancements shaping the satellite industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The event delved into topics such as high-throughput satellites, miniaturization, and the evolving landscape of satellite communication.

H.H. Sayyid Azzan – Chairman and CEO of Nascom: Since 2014, H.H. Sayyid Azzan bin Kais Tarik Al Said has been a driving force in technology ventures and startups, contributing to diverse initiatives ranging from fintech platforms to nanotech solutions. Since 2021, he has played a pivotal role in guiding Oman’s National Space Program and established the National Aerospace Services Company (NASCOM) in the same year. NASCOM has been at the forefront of Oman’s pioneering efforts to establish the Middle East’s first commercial spaceport since 2022.

OQ Technology presentation: OQ Technology aims to disrupt the satellite telecommunication industry by providing the world’s first universal plug & play “Internet-of-Things” solution. The company is actively building a global satellite constellation dedicated to IoT and machine-to-machine communication, catering to sectors such as Oil & Gas, Maritime, Industry 4.0, consumer IoT, and Transport. Their wireless technology, developed in collaboration with the Luxembourg government and the European Space Agency, is compatible with existing technologies, offering low-cost connectivity solutions for applications like digital oilfield, offshore monitoring, SCADA, asset tracking, fleet management, smart metering, and predictive maintenance. OQ Technology’s modules are plug & play, easy to install, possess long battery life, and connect seamlessly to their or the client’s data cloud. This innovative approach ensures connectivity anywhere, particularly in remote areas, and highlights the company’s commitment to providing high-value data analytics.

Amar Vora – Head of Space at Serco Middle East: Amar Vora leads the growth and operations for Serco Middle East’s space business, focusing on building a regional division with locally trained team members. With over a decade of experience in the space industry, Amar has played a key role in defining solutions and market strategies across various domains, including space sustainability, Earth observation, satellite communications, launch, operations, and space data services. He is actively involved in STEM-related space skills and outreach initiatives, recently launching the first Graduate Space Programme in Saudi Arabia.

Daniyal Suhail Malik – GM Projects at SoluNox Pvt Ltd / Board Member at Advanced Rocket Technologies: As an Aerospace Engineer with a passion for innovation and technology, Daniyal Suhail Malik leads high-impact technology projects at SoluNox Pakistan, focusing on cutting-edge solutions for local and international markets. His expertise in Propulsion Systems and Space Systems has led him to a role as a Board Member at Advanced Rocket Technologies, where he explores new ideas and technologies for low-cost, sustainable space missions. As a freelance Consultant for Space and Propulsion activities within the Tegus network, Daniyal collaborates with leading experts worldwide, emphasizing the importance of constant innovation, collaboration, and environmental responsibility.