Month: November 2023

Saudi Arabia’s Space Launch: Challenges and Innovations

Embarking on a journey into the cosmos, Saudi Arabia grapples with challenges and explores opportunities in establishing its space launch facilities. Drawing inspiration from international developments, including Germany’s North Sea spaceport and China’s Galactic Energy sea launch, the article delves into innovative solutions and collaborative pathways that could redefine Saudi Arabia’s role in the global space exploration landscape. As the Kingdom navigates the stars, a pioneering spirit fueled by ambition and strategic innovation propels it into a dynamic future in space exploration

Launching the Future: H.H. Azzan Al Said, CEO of NASCOM, Unveils Vision for Etlaq Spaceport at the Forefront of Gulf Space Exploration

Explore the cutting-edge world of Gulf space exploration as Azzan Al Said, CEO of NASCOM, shares insights into the development of the Etlaq spaceport. From strategic partnerships with UK Launch Services Ltd to sustainable practices and regional collaborations, discover the visionary plans shaping the Middle East’s first commercial spaceport.