Year: 2023

Saudi Arabia’s Stellar Ascent: A Brief Glance at Space Achievements in 2023

In the realm of space exploration, Saudi Arabia has soared to new heights in 2023, marking a transformative year for the Kingdom’s cosmic endeavors. From historic space missions that included the inaugural Saudi female astronaut to strategic investments propelling private space stations, the nation has positioned itself as a formidable player in the global space arena. This review delves into the significant achievements of Saudi Arabia in 2023, ranging from groundbreaking space missions and strategic investments to visionary partnerships with countries such as India, the United States, South Korea and Egypt.

Emerging Trends in Satellite Technology: A GCC Perspective

On December 14, 2023, the “Emerging Trends in Satellite Technology: A GCC Perspective” webinar illuminated the advancements shaping the satellite industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The event delved into topics such as high-throughput satellites, miniaturization, and the…

Some Investment Figures in the Saudi Space Industry

Saudi Arabia’s space aspirations are not just ambitions articulated through words; they are substantiated with significant financial commitments. Here’s a closer look at the figures underscoring the nation’s space drive

Launching into the Future: A.R.T’s Journey to Pioneer Rocket Launches in 2024 and Beyond

In 2021, Mrwan Mohey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physics, kindling a passion for space and science. During his academic journey, he honed practical skills through internships at the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority and the Information Technology Industry Development…

Saudi Arabia’s Space Launch: Challenges and Innovations

Embarking on a journey into the cosmos, Saudi Arabia grapples with challenges and explores opportunities in establishing its space launch facilities. Drawing inspiration from international developments, including Germany’s North Sea spaceport and China’s Galactic Energy sea launch, the article delves into innovative solutions and collaborative pathways that could redefine Saudi Arabia’s role in the global space exploration landscape. As the Kingdom navigates the stars, a pioneering spirit fueled by ambition and strategic innovation propels it into a dynamic future in space exploration

Launching the Future: H.H. Azzan Al Said, CEO of NASCOM, Unveils Vision for Etlaq Spaceport at the Forefront of Gulf Space Exploration

Explore the cutting-edge world of Gulf space exploration as Azzan Al Said, CEO of NASCOM, shares insights into the development of the Etlaq spaceport. From strategic partnerships with UK Launch Services Ltd to sustainable practices and regional collaborations, discover the visionary plans shaping the Middle East’s first commercial spaceport.

Interplay Between Space and Oil Industries: A Deep Dive into Global Innovations with Emphasis on Saudi Arabia

The nexus between the space and oil industries illuminates the fascinating adaptability of technology. What was once conceptualized for navigating the mysteries of the cosmos has found its way into the depths of the Earth, aiding the oil and gas…

Momentum Surges for Lunar Mining as Private Ventures Propel Plans for a Flourishing Lunar Economy

The momentum behind harnessing the Moon’s resources for exploration and habitation is gaining unprecedented traction, fueled by NASA’s Artemis Program and bolstered by the fervent efforts of private enterprises, research institutions, and global space agencies.

Mission Space: Pioneering Space Weather Intelligence and Transforming the Future of Space Exploration

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Alex Pospekhov, the CEO of Mission Space, a groundbreaking space tech company revolutionizing the field of space weather intelligence. With a mission to provide private satellite-based nowcast and forecast systems, Mission Space is dedicated…