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Oman’s ETCO SPACE Partners with Polish Innovators for Groundbreaking Space Exploration and Satellite Services

ETCO SPACE, the space agency of Oman, has announced a groundbreaking initiative following the successful deployment of Oman’s inaugural satellite into low Earth orbit via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket in November 2023. The agency has formed a collaborative venture named Spazers, a joint Omani-Polish enterprise in partnership with SatRev and Tuatara, both prominent Polish companies.

Spazers, with a focus on satellite manufacturing services, space launch services, and the construction and operation of ground stations in Oman and the Middle East, aims to catalyze growth in the regional space ecosystem. ETCO SPACE emphasized the venture’s role in advancing innovation, fostering collaboration in space exploration, and attracting top talent for cutting-edge research.

Spazers, driven by a dynamic vision, aspires to become a central hub for satellite manufacturing and launch services, as well as for the seamless construction and operation of ground stations. The collaboration with SatRev and Tuatara is expected to infuse expertise and innovation into these services.

The primary focus of Spazers will be on providing satellite manufacturing services for diverse applications, including communications, Earth observation, and scientific research. The company also plans to leverage SatRev’s extensive experience in satellite launches to meet the growing demand for such services in the region and beyond.

ETCO SPACE highlighted the significance of Spazers in elevating the readiness of the space services system, serving both government and commercial customers. Additionally, the venture aligns with strategic plans to enter the markets of the Middle East and North Africa, reflecting the company’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the space industry.