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New Regulations Open Up Space for Earth Observation (EO) Businesses

The Communications and Space Technology Commission (CST) has launched an initiative to boost the Kingdom’s space sector and economy. They’ve issued two key documents:

Goals of the Initiative

  • Grow the EO Services Market: The aim is to create a supportive environment for private companies to develop and offer EO services.
  • Stimulate Economic Growth: By fostering a thriving EO sector, the initiative aims to generate value-added products and contribute to the Kingdom’s GDP.
  • Facilitate Innovation: The platform will connect EO data providers (e.g., satellite companies) with value-added service providers who can develop and analyze the data for various applications.

The application document emphasizes the importance of user rights, secure data trading, and data preservation. This ensures a trustworthy and reliable environment for both data providers and users.

The CST encourages interested companies to review the documents and apply for a permit to operate an EO platform. This presents a unique opportunity to participate in the development of the Kingdom’s space sector and contribute to a growing market.

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