Bahrain to Host Sixth Edition of International Space Forum: A Diplomatic and Economic Milestone

The National Space Science Authority (NSSA) of Bahrain, in cooperation with the Italian Space Agency and the International Astronautical Federation, has announced that it will host the sixth edition of the International Space Forum (ISF) on July 2-3, 2024. This significant event marks the first time the forum will be held in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region at the ministerial level, under the theme “Space as a Change Agent in Diplomacy and Economic Development in the Region.”

Inviting Global Leaders to Shape the Future of Space

Official invitations have been sent to space leaders from countries across the region and the world. Their participation is anticipated to contribute significantly to shaping the future of space endeavors both regionally and internationally. This forum aims to foster dialogue and collaboration among space industry leaders, policymakers, and experts.

A Strategic Move for Bahrain

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO of the NSSA, emphasized the importance of the forum in establishing Bahrain as a hub for specialized events and conferences in space science and technology. He stated, “The importance of this conference lies in its contribution to making the Kingdom of Bahrain a regional and international center for attracting specialized events and conferences in the field of space science and technology, and this is one of the goals of the 2024 Strategic Plan”

Key Topics and Expert Speakers

The forum will highlight the rapid development of the space sector in the Arabian Gulf and the broader Arab region. It will feature discussions on three main topics: Earth observation, space exploration, and space visions and policies. Expert speakers will present on these topics, emphasizing the role of advanced technologies in creating smart, fast, and high-quality services that benefit society and support decision-makers. The forum will also focus on best practices in crafting visions and policies to support diplomacy and economic development, both regionally and globally.

Driving Diplomacy and Economic Growth

Al-Asiri noted, “The forum highlights the development witnessed in the space sector in the Arabian Gulf region in particular and the Arab region in general by discussing three main topics presented by three expert speakers in the fields related to Earth observation, space exploration, and space visions and policies, which Through it, the importance of modern and advanced technologies in creating and developing smart, fast and high-quality services to serve society and support decision-makers will be discussed, in addition to highlighting best practices in enacting visions and policies related to the space sector in support of diplomacy and economic development in the region and the world more broadly.”

The upcoming International Space Forum promises to be a landmark event, fostering international cooperation and positioning Bahrain as a key player in the global space community. This initiative aligns with Bahrain’s strategic goals and vision for the future, setting the stage for significant advancements in space science and technology in the MENA region.

Source: NSSA Instagram