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Flat6Labs Announces Investment in SARsatX, Space Tech Startup in KSA and UAE

Flat6Labs, the leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm in the MENA region, has announced its investment in SARsatX, a promising Space Tech startup based in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. SARsatX is a standout participant in Cycle 3 of the Riyadh Seed Program and specializes in providing Earth Observation (EO) data and analytics to a diverse range of sectors.

SARsatX’s primary innovation lies in its development of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payloads. These payloads are designed to deliver precise and reliable EO data, which is then analyzed using advanced machine learning models. The insights derived from this data are invaluable across multiple industries, including agriculture, environment, finance, energy, and mining. By harnessing the power of SAR technology, SARsatX provides stakeholders with crucial information that enables better decision-making on Earth, directly from space.

Flat6Labs’ investment in SARsatX is a testament to the startup’s potential and the growing importance of space technology in various sectors. As MEA’s premier seed and early-stage venture capital firm, Flat6Labs invests annually in over 100 innovative and technology-driven startups. The firm is renowned for its robust startup programs, which empower thousands of passionate entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions, often becoming their institutional co-founders.

This latest investment follows previous funding rounds for SARsatX, including a $55K grant from the KAUST Innovation Fund in 2020 and an $800K grant from NTDP in 2023.


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