Saudi Arabia

Saudi Space Agency and World Economic Forum to Launch Centre for Space Futures

Saudi Space Agency is partnering with the World Economic Forum to establish the Centre for Space Futures, slated to open in autumn 2024. This initiative aims to facilitate public-private dialogues on space collaboration, integrate best practices from the Forum and its communities into the global space sector, and generate forward-thinking contributions to expedite space technologies.

Dr. Mohammed Altamimi, CEO of the Saudi Space Agency, stated, “The Centre is committed to fostering a vibrant, prosperous, and sustainable space economy globally. By developing principles, expanding knowledge, refining models, and cultivating partnerships, we aim to responsibly harness the vast opportunities of space.”

Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, highlighted the significance of the global space sector’s impact on Earth, from monitoring climate change to enhancing human connectivity via satellites. He emphasized the importance of addressing various topics such as space technological innovation, policies, regulatory frameworks, and sustainability.

The Centre for Space Futures will be the first center in the network of Fourth Industrial Revolution Centers to focus exclusively on space. It will collaborate with the existing national center in Saudi Arabia (C4IR Saudi Arabia) to advance Saudi Vision 2030, the country’s roadmap for economic diversification, global engagement, and enhanced quality of life.